ESL Verb Charades Classroom Teaching Activity

ESL Verb Charades Classroom Teaching Activity

What better way to inject more fun into your English lessons than with a game of charades.

Charades is a great game on it’s own. However once it’s been adapted to the ESL classroom environment, I think you’ll agree with me, it’s awesome. Kids just love this game, it gives them freedom to get up and act out the English phrase that’s on the card.

Before we start

Firstly if we need to prepare a few cards before we start. One of the best ways to make this game work is to go out and purchase a pack of cheap verb flash cards.

How to play

Split the students up into two teams, for example you could have Team Cats and Team Birds. Now write down on the board… WHAT AM I DOING? Then pick a card out of your pack at random. If the card happens to be lets say.. Jump then all you do is start jumping in the air. The first team to come out with the right answer gets a point. Make sure the other students in the class don’t see the card!

Now it’s always better to have the kids come out and mime the verbs. Why? Well it’s their game and they should be the ones to be taking part in it. Though there is nothing stopping the teacher from doing the mimes.


You can make the game more challenging by adding a few more words to the activity. For instance a student picks a verb card with read on it. You could then give that student another card with newspaper on it. The student now has to mime reading the newspaper. The team that get the correct answer… I read a newspaper or I’m reading a newspaper depending on what tenses you are teaching get the point.

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